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     Medicare supplements like everthing else are constantly changing.  June 1st 2010 the government came out with new rules, regulations, and plans.  We are trying to keep up with the information as it becomes available.  At this time we are doing quotes in the office, depending on health, age, sex, and sometimes smokers.  At this time we have Plan F full coverage plans starting at about $80.00 a month.  Plan N costs less but also covers less.  Our favorite plan is High Deductible Plan F.

     Due to multiple variations of Plan D prescription plans and new changes every year and sometimes in between,  we run an individual analysis with the major carriers and compare it to Medicares printout.  Hopefully, this gives us the most information for the client to make a decision.

     There are different methods to provide long term care.  These include family, friends, and neighbors.  You may pay for it with your own cash or someone else's cash.  It can be funded with expanded annuities, drawing on life insurance policies cash value, or you can purchase regular long term care policies with a multitude of choices and prices.  We have several companies with very different whistles and bells.  Sometimes for the same coverage there is close to a 50% difference in cost.  Therefore we shop for you for the best buy. 

      A concept suitable for many people is a Home Healthcare Policy (at much lower rates and no nursing home care).